Why Us...?

You may ask why choose The ATIUS Youth Technology Program? Our Program seeks to empower our youth to enable them to improve their lives by teaching the skills needed to not only become members of the global workforce but excel in the skills needed most in the job markets in their communities.

We have identified unique Information Technology learning tracks that, when successfully mastered, will yield a learner a high paying occupation upon completion of several of our specially designed courses. Each of the courses will be offered in an experiential learning environment with hands-on laboratory training.

To ensure that the AYTP achieves its goal of continually graduating highly trained, skilled and well-rounded Information Technology industry workforce candidates, we make sure that our instructors are not only educators but seasoned Information Technology professionals with years of industry work experience. The industry average time spent learning some of these courses is between 30 to 40 hours in non-lab environments with little to no hands on training. We deliver these courses in weekly sessions, during the duration of the public school year, in labs designed for on-the-job training, giving students time to be exposed to new technologies, become engulfed within the IT realm of knowledge, learn the materials needed to pass industry exams and time to learn to do the job as they would when they are hired.

The ATIUS Youth Technology Program is broken into 3 groups. Grade 7th - 8th (How Things Work), Grade 8th -10th (Exploring the Digital World), and Grade 11th & 12th (Saturday Academy). The breakdown of the grades is to expose the youth to the right level of and quantity of materials to instill in them the appropriate skills at the right pace. We are very excited to offer this program to the future innovators at your school, organization or in your life.